Tufts Veterinary School Opens Obesity Clinic for Pets

Obesity in our pets is as great a concern as in humans, and specialty clinics are starting to pop up to address this animal health dilemma. Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, a very well respected veterinary college and teaching hospital, is the latest to open a clinic that focuses specifically on overweight conditions and obesity in pets and will be employing three board certified veterinary nutritionists.

Veterinary medicine has had specialists in veterinary medicine for many years. One of the smaller specialty fields is nutrition and veterinarians that have completed years of further education and clinical residencies in nutrition can become board certified and receive the prestigious designation of Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. There are fewer than 100 DACVN’s in North America.

Like in humans, overweight and obesity can be more complicated conditions than one might suppose. While animals are fortunate to be free of the self-consciousness and social stigma associated with being overweight, they are not immune to the associated medical problems. These include a number of serious illnesses from diabetes to orthopedic conditions, many which lead to decreased life expectancy. In addition to managing difficult cases, the new center will conduct research on creating healthier diets and other preventive programs for owners to maintain their pets at optimal weight. 

The Tufts obesity clinic is for extreme cases. Most overweight or obese pets can be successfully treated by your own veterinarian. Of course prevention is always better than treatment once the condition becomes apparent. Please speak to us about your pet’s weight and body condition!